Meditation and Yoga

  • Meditation is the Practice of releasing our attention from the confines of the mind.
  • We conduct yoga training in our college with percepectively.
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Helps to improve the concentration, critical thinking, creativiy and decision making in challenging situations.
  • To enhance our students attention.
  • To the relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lesson chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches.
  • To increase the flexibility.
  • To habitual process of training our mind to focus and redirect our thoughts.
  • You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Stress reduction.

Department Events

To encourage and motivate the student's community, we used to conduct Department Events every week. It helps them to improve their skills and creativity based on their subjects, enhances their passion towards learning.

Workshop and Seminars

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics collectively conducted a National level Workshop on MATLAB. Staff Members, Research Scholars and Students from various Universities, Colleges had participated. The thirst and quest of knowledge has been conciliated through this Hands-on Session. All the Departments of our College conduct frequently Seminars and Guest Lectures for the Welfare and development of the Students.


  • Breast milk week celebration - 2017, on 4th August 2017.
  • Our college celebrated the function 2017 on 22nd August 2017.
  • National Nutrition Week celebrated on 7th sep 2017.
  • National Literacy Day Rally on 8th Sep 2017.
  • Anti Dowry club and ‘women's empowerment club ‘ function on 16th sep 2017.
  • Dengu Awareness Program, RDO Office musiri, on 23rd sep 2019.
  • Seminar on sequence and series, 11th oct 2017
  • We are celebrating "the Grub fest" on 3rd Nov 2017.
  • Seminar on women empowerment 19th Dec 2017.
  • Birthday celebration of India's Greatest Mathematical Genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan, on 22nd Dec 2017.
  • Domestic Workshop on water, fuel and energy conservation and road safety on 26th Dec 2017.
  • Seminar on Banking Services on 10th Jan 2018.
  • Celebration on national voter's day on 25th January 2018.
  • Awareness Program on Anemic on 7th March 2018.
  • Celebration on National Women's Day on 8th march 2018.
  • Seminar on History of English Literature on 4th April 2018.
  • Our college celebrated 3rd Inaugural function 25th June 2018.
  • We are celebrated the function on "Guide and counseling" on 24th july 2018.
  • 1st Inaugural day function of NSS and RRC on 26th July 2018.
  • Liver Allergy Day function on 27th July 2018.
  • Break milk Day celebration on 11th Aug 2018.
  • Awareness program on "An Organ's Donation" on 13th Aug 2018.
  • Training program on "Heartfulness yoga" and Meditation on 28th Aug 2018.
  • Awareness program about "Banking" on 29th Aug 2018.
  • We are celebrating the function on Digital India on 30th Aug 2018.
  • Awareness Program on "National Literacy Day" on 8th sep 2018.
  • National Level workshop on MATLAB on 26th sep 2018.
  • Birthday celebration of India's greatest president Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
  • Awareness Program on "DENGU" 23rd oct 2018.
  • Seminar on Grammar and structure in English on 27th oct 2018.
  • Seminar on "Communication skills' on 2nd Nov 2018.
  • Awareness program on "Kavalan SOS APP" on 9th nov 2018.
  • Seminar on "Speed Maths" on 7th Nov 2018.
  • Seminar on "speed aptitude" on 31st dec 2018.
  • Pongal celebration function on 12th Jan 2019.
  • Awareness program on "cancer" on 24th jan 2019.
  • Two weeks Pre-Placement training program from 10.12.2018 to 21.12.2018
  • Mega job fair "TECH MAHENDRA" Chennai on 16th feb 2019.
  • Campus drive on TVS Chennai on 20th feb 2019.
  • Inter department meet on National women's day celebration on 8th march 2019.