The College Library continues its service as a highly valued partner in teaching and research , offering a full spectrum of resources that support the curriculum to a rapidly expanding network of digital materials along with cutting edge library and information services for students and faculty members. It serves as an integral component in the educational programmes and research projects in the college. The other objectives of the library include collective development providing newspaper clippings services, online services and information literacy instructions to the library users. Major collections of library includes reference, reserves, non-fiction, media, periodicals and books that support the curriculum of all courses offered in the college. The library consists of more than 5000 core books, more number of journals and magazines, non-book materials and 13 newspapers. Photocopy facility is also available in the library.

Working Hours : Open on all Working Days

Monday to Friday : 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM

Sports Activities

  • Regular Maintenance of outdoor courts. Sports surface is crucial to prolong the life of the courts and maintain ideal playing conditions.
  • Water sprayed in the sports ground as a daily routine practice.
  • Outdoor courts or sports surfaces are professionally cleaned every month to prolong the life time of the surface keeping grass and any other plants or vegetarian cut back from the court surface (Monthly Once).
  • Measurements for practice lane markings will be done weekly once. Basket ball court and Posts are well maintained and damages are immediately rectified.
  • Playing materials (Balls, Net, Rackets, etc.) are fully utilized till it is worn out.
  • We have vast Volleyball ground. We have a well trained physical director. She has been training many Students.
  • Works cooperatively with other physical education program.
  • Analysis demonstrates and explains basic skills, Knowledge, and Strategies of formal sports, games, rhythms and fundamentals of body movement.
  • To provide individual and small group institution in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil to the extent feasible.
  • Provides appropriate safety instruction and makes safety checks on equipment and field areas to insure the overall safety of pupils.
  • Maintains control of storage and use of college owned property.
  • Establishes and maintains standard of student’s behavior needed to provide on orderly, productive environment in the physical education areas.
  • Evaluates each student’s growth in physical skills, knowledge and contribution in team sports.


Bus facility is offered by the College to all directions and distant routes covering all the centre points in the Town. A fleet of buses is ply from all nook and corner of the town for the benefits of the students and Staff Members. The service of the buses is also used for industrial visits and excursions.

Bus Routes are :

  • Trichy
  • Thuraiyur Kulithalai
  • Thottiyam
  • Lalapet
  • Therku Sithmapur
  • Musiri
  • Thogaimalai
  • Ayyarmalai
  • Kallai