The Grievance Redressal Committee in MIT College of Arts and Science for Women, looks into each and every student’s complaint and take the necessary action to redress the student’s grievance. The members in the committee kindly approach the students and advise them with genuine manner. They approach them for consultation and in case of any grievance they take up the case for enquiry. The members of the committee always take immediate action to the letters in the complaint box and also the e-mails.


  • To uphold a high standard of integrity and fairness within the college campus.
  • It aims to create a valued and secured atmosphere for the students.
  • To give voice about their grievance without fear of prejudice.
  • The committee envisions environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and injustice.


  • To ensure a healthy and happy learning atmosphere for the students.
  • To sustain a safe and ragging free environment in the institution.
  • To ensure the rights and dignity for every individual students.
  • To make sure that individual students are respected and protected.


To sort out their grievance, students could either mail their complaints through the mail id [email protected] or submit their complaint in writing to the committee members or the student’s representatives. Students who want to remain anonymous may drop their complaints in the complaint box which is placed in the near office room. The committee members will attend the complaints and rectify the grievances within few days.

Roles and Responsibilities


Assistant Professor
Department of English


Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics

Students Representatives

S. Bhuvaneswari
T. Yogalakshmi